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What radio frequencies will be legal for wireless microphone use in 2012? Answered


I will be wanting to purchase UHF microphones that comply with the new frequency changes in the UK. I have found many recourses on the internet but none seem to match up? I would be very grateful if someone were to tell me what channels you can operate on (license exept) in 2012.

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Best Answer 6 years ago

Buy an AKG or Sennhieser. Just make sure it isn't old stock. As long as it is they're newer models, and it is built for the UK, then you should be fine. (I know they are good brands in the US... as long as they have UK models, they will be great mics.)

People shouldn't be selling these if they don't comply, so ask vendors because they ought to know the answer.


Thank you very much for your comment. It turns out they are selling frequencies in band 69 so that there is more tv channels after the digital switch over.. What I didn't know is that band 38 is legal if you have a permit. I was assuming this was a replacement channel.


+1 definitely. Reputable brands will know what the correct answer is.