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What really happened with Apple and Linux? Answered

                   As a faithful Linux user, I know that I am obligated to disparage and insult Apple every time I receive the opportunity to do so.  What I want to know is why this is so.  I understand the fact that their computers are built really tight and that they (like Microsoft) cater to a market of users that I'm supposed to feel superior to because I can take my computer apart and put it back together.  I generally get a bad, anti-modding vibe from their devices as well.  However, I really have no idea why Apple is so disliked amongst the open-source community.  If anyone could explain what all of this is about (specifically Apple's use of Unix), I would much appreciate it. 


Perhaps only nerds or techies really care about that sort of stuff :-) You see, those who use G3 Powerbooks, etc. do so because of the incredible pleasure of it. This is especially true when I am using the quiet, non-obtrusive System 9.2.2 on a beautiful Pismo with one of the greatest keyboards invented. OS X is only for surfing for me.

I use AppleWorks 5 to write books, screenplays, make slide shows, etc. I have a great collection of 3rd party apps and control panels and I hack stuff with ResEdit to make my Mac, "my" Mac.

"There is more to life than simply increasing its speed"
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As Re says, plus, read this article on Darwin from Wikipedia.

Apple hates ANYTHING that you don't buy from Apple.


Although far more diplomatic than I would have put it.

     So Apple basically took open-source software, modified it, started selling it, and is now totally opposed to the open-source movement that helped it start?

What open source software did they take and modify.  I quit studying apple when I shelved my Apple 2E in 89 I think.

I think OSX is built on a BSD core. I want to say that a non-Apple-ized version of their version of BSD was once available.

Looks like it to me.

The classic two-guys-in-a-garage company built a monolithic closed, proprietary system (Jobs, not Wozniak, who seems opposed to the way Apple
has gone - Read "I -Woz")

..and the giant monolithic hated beast of "Big Blu" created the infinitely modifiable, infinitely adaptable, infinitely hackable PC.

Goi figure

Because Apple does not support ANY open source.  Apple is a closed society.