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What riddles do you guys like and find difficult? Answered

I love riddles and i want some new ones i dont know, so post your favorite ones.



 The answer to my riddle is that there was poison in the center of the ice cubes. Sorry for the long wait.

in the start it has four legs in the middle it has two in the end it has three what is it

 OMG That's literally ancient Greek! A people person.


indeed i know it is old but some of the teens i know cant get it right they think it is like a animal or something

<a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/riddles/">www.instructables.com/community/riddles/</a> come here and put some if u want to. its my new riddle forum topic.<br />idk the answer but ill work on it, thanks for posting it

Here's a celebrity riddle:

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a long one.

Michael J Fox has a short one.

Madonna doesn't have one.

The Pope has one, but he never uses it.


What? Who said that? Oh well.

My guess is the name? I hope...

i hope its not what im thinking.
wait!!! i might have it, is it a life.

actually last names, btw should i make this a forum topic cause i want to but dont know if i should

Make it one.  It's been popular but we need a new riddle.  And I don't have an answer for the water one unless the camera truck backed over man #2 in the parking lot.

yeah i know, btw you are my 200th comment, and the forum topic is up

Hey, uh, how do I do the trick with the super-small unreadable formatting?

I want to post the answer to this riddle, but in a non-spoiler way.

 I have a feeling the obvious answer is not the correct one.

 Three men walk into a crowded bar with beer. One drinks and dies. The other two ran out. They drink and die, too. What the heck killed them?

 Two men are left in a dessert after a day and a half of grueling thirst. A commercial jet fly's directly over them and sends a rescue helicopter. When the helicopter picks them up the rescuers seem to have no water on the helicopter, so when they get back to the men's city they immediately enter a bar. They are each given iced water. Man number 1 drinks the whole glass in seconds, while man number 2 takes three hours to drink as he savors it. The next morning man number 2 is found dead in his apartment without any noticeable stab or gun wounds by a news station. How did he die?

 Uh, they were putting a tripod down for a news story and accidentally jammed it down the man's throat and all the way into his feet. No stab wounds -- not on the outside.

um im guessing it has something to do with the water but ill keep working at it.

Dead people eat me.
if you eat me for too long, you will die too.
I cannot exist where you are.
The universe is mostly made of me.

Gasp! You are teh winner. I'd hit the "best answer" button, but I don't get one.

Last names:  Schwarzenegger is a long one. Fox is a short one.  Madonna doesn't have a last name.  The Pope has a last name, but he doesn't ever use it, as everyone just refers to him as "the Pope" or "his holiness" ,etc.

Uh... To clear up any potential confusion, I wasn't quoting myself.
i.e., the answer is not "Molten Boron."