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What sensor should be used, or what can i make to precisely align a vehicle up to a ramp? Answered

Sorry i couldnt decide how to word my question but here is my situation and i would be gratefull for any input because i am not sure what would be the best or easiest way to go about it. 
My car is lowered and therefore i can not park in my driveway without having a ramp(plank of wood) infront of each tire at the sloped base of my driveway. This does not bug me as much as the fact that every time i go to back out of or pull up to my driveway i have to align my tires as best as i can guess up to the ramps, take car out of gear, put on parking brake, get out, check one tire, then the other, and occasionaly move the ramps left or right before i can get back in my car and procede up into the driveway. Ok so its not only my laziness that fuels this project... my mustang isnt the quiestest and when its late I feel bad leaving it idleing (making noise) while i get out to make sure i'm lined up to the ramps. I would love to make some kind of proximity sensor or something that lets me know when each tire is propperly lined up.  
I have thought about a few different things like a camera under the front bumper that feeds to a monitor on the dash, (similar to a backup cam) also i was trying to think of a way to use an old cell phone and its camera for this.  IR proximity sensors in the bumper attached to LED lights on the dash that tell me im lined up if the propper LED's are lit. I dont know much about them but maybe some sort of magnetic sensor or metal detector. 
One issue is that the placement of the ramps can be detected in different ways depending on the sensors used. whatever the factor is, that is being sensed (reflective surface, metal, tiny magnets) needs to be durable and able to be ran over on a daily basis. Also I want something that can be fairly accurate, although an err either left or right of an inch would be alright.
Sorry for being longwinded but i look forward to some ideas!


Use a single piece ramp that extends from one side of the drive to the other. Or install air shocks that allow you to raise the front end while engaging "difficult" transitions like your driveway apron. I doubt it's the only place you have to worry about in the wilder world.

I would simply fix the driveway to suit the car or even better make sure the car usable in a normal way. ;)
Cams, sensors and so is all fine and good but not really suited for your needs.

A cam can show you what is happening but I doubt a single cam will do.
Sensors won't work unless you can find a way to align your car based on the sensor info.

It's really hard to fix sensors on a car and get them to stay there for long unless your bolting them on.

I think a camera or even a mirror on each side of your drive way would be a lot easier.

Get wider ramps?