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What should I bring to eat on a camping trip when I just got braces? Answered

I go lightweight camping/hiking, and usually just bring granola or trail mix to eat, since it's dry and doesn't need refrigeration. Unfortunately, I just got my braces and now I can barely chew anything solid, and to make matters worse, the codes in my area make it so I can't use a stove or make a fire or anything like that. Any suggestions on what to bring for food?



7 years ago

most of our scouts in the troop with braces ignored the eating rules. they just took what they liked. not that i condone it, but they turned out just fine.

Juice, soup and jello. Best things to have just after getting braces.


8 years ago


Bananas are always good, if you have something to pack them in so they don't get squished. Crackers and peanut butter tend to travel well, as does spray-cheez-in-a-can, if you like that kind of thing. You could maybe also get some of that dietary-supplement powdered drink mix (I believe they have some kinds that mix with water instead of milk or fruit juice), which would probably be nasty, but you'd get nutrition from it.

Is there any nutrition in "spray-cheez-in-a-can"?  I know there is lots of flavor I just never expected any nutrition.

 ummm protien shakes i am not sure if you can have chocolate protien bars

I would try meal replacement shakes or peanut butter for protein, nutella for blood sugar, or (gasp) powdered juice mixes with a high vitamin C level (most have 100%) this may also let you ditch the nutella, and a calcium supplement.