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What should I coat the bottom of an Altoids tin with to prevent a short for an electronics project? Answered

I'm about to assemble a DB-9 to USB controller converter so I can play a few old Sega Genesis games again with my Genesis controller. I've decided that I want to try housing it in an Altoids tin, but I'm worried about creating a short.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Cut out a piece of paper the same size and either glue it down or just leave it down there. Should work fine. You can also put a few pieces of electrical tape down if that's easier. Or, punch a few holes in the bottom for screws and use some spacers to hold the board above the bottom of the tin. But the tin can flex, touching the bottom of the board, so you should probably put something there. Also... be sure to play Shining Force ;)

I use a hard paper ( like beer and soda cans) are sold in. Also covering that with packaging tape to laminate it. packaging tape is a good insulator

I agree, be sure to play Shining Force 2!

use computer motherboard standoffs and coat the inside with either liquid electrical tape (available at harborfrieght.com) or spray on truck bedliner/undercoating.

I like to use plasti-dip spray-on glue.

paraffin (candle) wax.. should not only be a perfect insulator, but should form nicely around whatever it is your putting in there. as long as it doesn't get to hot, you should be ok.

. Electrical tape. . Plastic sheet . Cardboard . Any insulator