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What should I do? Answered

Ugh I don't know what to build once again so I need ideas from people. I don't care what it is as long as it sounds mostly possible. Be specific. List the type of gun and the features you want on it. I'll replicate a gun or I'll make my own. I just need something to build. I might be getting some more knex tomorrow or soon anyways. I'm thinking maybe some sort of sniper or power weapon because I just don't have one and need to make one but I don't know what to do for features nor what to make it look like. And for the last time the XM8 is in trauts' hands and I'm not sure what progress he has made. On another note I'll most likely be posting the pistol in the picture during break if I can just make a strong enough trigger for it. Other wise you can't fit hardly any rubber bands on it. Other than that so far it's awesome. It uses a similar slide and barrel style to apples' SA. A nice compact alternative to most other sliding repeaters.


why do you want to work with trauts on the XM8?

It's been discussed already. CK asked trauts if him and me could build an XM8. We talked and both agreed we wanted to work together on a project together so we decided to do the XM8. I didn't think I could do it by myself and trauts needed someone to give him a good start and there you have it.

Yes everyone has unique shortened names so always assume that if it works for your name then it means your name.
D(s)M= dsman
EB= Extreme Builder
CK= Combatknex
FG=Flying goose (however he spelt it anyways)
DJ or Ra= DJ Radio
KG= Knexguy
Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment but yeah you get the picture. Most others I just say their name because it's short enough like Mepain or I'll just shorten some like ooda.

Yeah what he said. Basically the ones I listed are the ones I talked about to someone. And no not all were positive and not all were negative but I'm not listing names nor answering "was it" questions. Sorry DW considering you're a big TD Supporter =D


You are TD, and will be referred to as such...

Okay, "such".

Well at first you were Radioactive so I used Ra and sometimes I still use it but now that you're DJ Radio I use DJ so as not to confuse people I guess I'll use DJR to make it crystal clear.

lolz, ok. I was planning to rename the Jackal.357 into DJR-SA

Dude... Two of the best K'nexers, working TOGETHER? Where is your head?

you mean two knexers who are the best replicators.

Well obviously we're not the best but by checking my subscribers I'd like to say I'm one of the best *pushes index fingers together like how they do in those stupid cartoons to give you the "I'm sorry forgive me because I look so innocent" look that apparently people like me talk about an post in unbelievably long action comments* *gasp* *passes out*

others have more subscribers than you and you only have 5 more subscribers than I do....

I never said I had the most but I do have quite a bit. 5? I counted like 16 on yours and it says 27 under mine which makes 11 if I counted right. And then I didn't check who but aren't quite a few of your friends people who don't care for knex?

oh, I thought you had 21 subscribers. and yes, some of my friends dont care for knex.

*revelation* what if the trigger pulled back the slide, cocking the gun, and loaded the bullet and then the gun fire cuz u would get semi auto. nvr mind- it would prob be weak.

I had this idea before like blow-back action? Yeah it would be weak though. The strongest it would be at max is the strength of you finger and even then the trigger can be made only so strong.

yeah. thats how a real semi auto works but it uses some of the gas from the bullet. darn...

I know. Real automatics also move the bullet out of the magazine by pushing it out into the barrel. If we could only mimic this with knex then we would eliminate the whole jamming problem with repeaters.

i know. that would take so much time to develop and a ton of pieces. in theory its a good idea... btw: i finished my sawblade ride

btw: my bro got me the sawblade thrill ride for x-mas. it finally shipped 2day tho its half big knex half small. im going to build tomorrow as tonight i got stuff to do. (duh its new years eve)


9 years ago

i think i found a way to put the trigger behind the handle so there is more power

Well that would be great if you did find a way. Lol Side arms would become a rather broken weapon in wars though if they were still just as compact but twice as powerful.

it didn't work i was really coming out of the handle area but i kind of did work be was to big and the handle couldn't be at a angle

i think i got it but i have to change the back of the gun alittle

d'yu no wen this'll be finished? dunno if it said i only skim read it :P

I have no clue of the exact time. It will happen soon after I make a better trigger guide in front to the trigger.


Alright I think I figured out what I'm going to do. I'm going to make a UMP-45 which I should have enough pieces for then I'm going to do a repeating dragunov after I get more pieces.


Guess what. I'm smart enough that I understand what you want in one word so no need to type it over and over. And yeah I'm getting to it I'll post it eventually.

your mom =P.
haha ok anyway a semi auto that when you pull the trigger not the slide but the lever in the back goes back and then slams forward proppelling the bullet out the barrel do you get what im saying?