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What should I do to make my hexabot pedal-powered or manual powered? Answered

I am totally new to make projects/model, this is my life's first project. As i am mechanical engineering student i want my hexabot to be operated by pedal power or man power .
As a student i would like to make it more economical(cheap) as per college terms & conditions

Will it work by using bicycle chain drive?



a low quality video from 2008 of a pedal powered linkage hexapod:

Its probably worth looking at Theo Jansens work as his walkers use a simple mechanism that turns rotary motion into a walking motion see here

Some reference materials:





I don't see why you couldn't make it work using bicycle chains. With 6 legs I think you will need several of them and a few connecting arms.

How large is your hexapod?

Agreed, any machine that starts with a 'motor' turning a shaft, you can insert human power...