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What should I do to the bare light bulbs in the basement to make them pretty? Answered

Its a very low ceiling. I have some translucent colored vellum (8.5x11). There are several bare lights. My housemates and I want to make a living area down there, there are some couches and a carpet. The walls are stone/concrete (unfinished). General decorating tips are also welcome. I was thinking about star shaped covers, or pin prick art, or something.


Basically, lampshades. Clip-on lampshade mounts might be easiest. Usual caveats about both trapping heat and losing some light. If you own rather than rent, you could of course install proper ceiling light fixtures.

If the bulbs are regular incandescent they can get hot enough to set paper on fire so what ever you do make sure that paper doesn't touch the bulb. Google light fixtures and use the results to get some ideas on what to do. There are lots of light fixtures that are attractive and simple at the same time and would be easy to duplicate if give it a little thought.