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What should I do with Snapple caps? Answered

I have 58 Snapple bottles caps in my room and I have no ideas other than a display. Any ideas for using them practically would be appreciated.



It's not the best answer, but what popped into my head was tabletop, then coasters, then trivet.
Tabletop like https://www.instructables.com/id/Compass-Table
maybe with a prefab endtable, and painting the caps in colors you like?
I picture the coasters/trivet being linked with rings or pins, kind of like chainmaille, and attached to a piece of cork or felt to protect the table surface.
Now I'm thinking of other mosaic-like ways to use the caps...
good luck!

Thank you. I am now thinking about miniature compasses made from the caps. I also thought about roofing for small bird houses.