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What should I do with a couple of empty 3l olive oil tins? Answered

I have a couple of 3l olive oil tins (Same as here) and I don't know what to do with them. I need ideas guys!
They are made out of about 0.5 mm steel and you can solder on to them. I have the tools to do practically anything with them, but I don't know what to do. Any ideas at all are appreciated.


i could use some empty oil cans if they open to where i can put oil in them.

build a "cigarbox guitar" Build it with "dulcimer frets" and it can be played by ANYONE even if you dont know how to play a guitar. Look up cigarbox guitars on youtube... they are very interesting to listen to. and the ones made out of "gascans..etc" sound really good. check out this guys gascan banjo! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJq04V2IoHk&feature=channel If you build it with dulcimer frets then the notes will all sound good together almost no matter what notes you play. so anyone can pick it up and play it.

First thing that occurs to my mind is the old air-pressure demo. Put a bit of water in the bottom of one and heat it to a boil, until steam has driven out most of the air. Remove heat and quickly cap, tightly. Sit back and watch as it cools. As the steam condenses, a partial vacuum develops inside the can, and the air pressure outside crushes it.

Yeah, I've already done that before with soda cans. I dunno how well that would actually with these, as they are fairly thick steel.

That's a pretty amazing demo. I'm always surprised at how fast the event happens. Sort of a slow motion explosion in reverse, well an implosion.

I've always seen that one concluded with rubbing ice cubes on the sides of the can instead of just letting it cool on its own. Very very neat demo.