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What should I do with all my old computer parts? (besides throwing away/recycling.)I h? Answered

I have a few old computer parts, and nothing to do with them. Here's what I have 3 old motherboards, 1 working socket 478, 1 broken, 1 pentium 3, not sure. 1 old nvidia agp video card, might be working 5 cpu's, 2 working laptop ones, a 200 something mhz pentium pro, a 533 mhz celeron, broken pentium 4, probably broken athlon 64, unknown pentium 3 4 modem cards, all working, I think 2 laptop motherboards, 1 broken, one working but missing pieces, 3 broken hdd's, 1 2.5", 2 3.5" lots of sticks of ram I have no extra working hard drives or power supplies, so I can't use any of the parts. Any Ideas on what to do with them? I've already used some of them for a contest on Guru3D.com


Check out my instructable...


Sell them on ebay, or if you know how to, buy the parts you don't have, and build a new comouter

None of the parts are worth much at all, so it wouldn't be worth it. I do know how to build computers, but even if I did build one with some of the parts, I would still have tonnes left over.

You could salvage it and make some cool things with it