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What should I do with my smashed-up bike? Answered

I recently got hit by a car that decided not to stop at a stop sign, and as a result, I've got this bent up, broken old bicycle taking up space. It seems like a treasure trove of salvage, but I can't think where to get started and where to go from there.


Go to AtomicZombie.com and see if anything catches your eye! According to Brad, if you have the steering tube and bottom bracket, you can use them as the basis for almost any human powered vehicle

I don't know how to weld, nor do I have the equipment. But maybe I can learn how. This seems like a good opportunity.

Kiteman, I like your match rocket Ible. I have made it.

Bamboo bicycle!

I assume that you are fine! Sorry to know about your latest misadventure but maybe you can build something. Try searching Instructables using the search feature and you will fin tons of ideas. If you post a picture of your busted bike maybe you will get more ideas. Do you know how to weld? Welding will allow you to create many things out of your bike.

I think you've probably got most of the parts you need to build a whole new bicycle...