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What should I do with the last batch of cherries of the season? Answered

I have two pounds of cherries that are about to go off.  What should I do with them?


Put in a glass jar and cover with cheap vodka

Add a couple of table spoons of Sugar - Shake gently every few days. taste add sugar if necessary.

End product a cherry liqueur


I am finally starting my first rumtopf (or rumkopf). Cherries just came in season. As they are short on the shelf and one of my favorite fruits, I figure the rumtopf is a good way to preserve them. If the cherries don't preserve well, at least I'll be too drunk off the rum to care!

Anyone know anything about this little treat? There are some recipes, but I like many to compare. The idea seems to be fruit (some are better than others), sugar and rum. Store for months. Eat.I've seen to add half the weight of the fruit in sugar. I've seen to add equal parts sugar and fruit. I like less sweet, so I will try to go with the later. Could I add even less than 1/2 the weight in sugar?

URL: http://able2know.org/topic/90735-35

URL: http://able2know.org/topic/90735-35


Clafoutis ! Sort of pancake with cherries in it.



5 years ago

Diamond Jubilee cherries jubilee?


5 years ago

Cherry-aki sauce! Pit and quarter them. Cook down with brown sugar, blend, strain add soy sauce and rice vinegar. Serve on everything!

Dip in dark chocolate - allow to set in the fridge and find a good friend to share them with + a bottle of Bubbly.

1. If you have the chocolate I could be available if you can't find another friend!

2. let us know what you do/did


(PS your chocolate is safe I live in the UK)

Have a cherry-pit-spitting contest (preferably with/after a few beers).

Cherry yoghurt.

Cherry jam.

Make a large chocolate cake, and shred the cherries into a thick layer of whipped cream in the middle.

(My preference is for the former - last time I had a cherry-pit-spitting contest, it was with a friend's very elderly, and very "proper" grandmother. She won as well - I still think it was cheating for her to remove her dentures...)

You could dehydrate them. They make for fast snacks and are great for recipes later on, for granola, a top cereals, on yogurt... lots of stuff. :-)

There is always room for pie & there is never enough of it, make pie then send me some ;-)

You should make a batch of maraschino cherries.