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What should I do with these cardboard tubes?? Answered


 I have approximately 100 of these cardboard tubes from pallet wrap that I've been bringing home over the past few years from work.  I've been intending to do something innovative w/ them, but I've not been able to come up with an idea that will put a lot of them to good use!   

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I can make w/ these??




hey SteveO...just saw a furniture set looking 4 tubes--two chairs end table

I turn some into a wine racks as gifts for friends and family. Cardboard is easy to decorate in just about any fashion.

I have a wooden military ammo crate. I cut sturdy tubes like this down to a common size and put them inside and on end. Yours may be a wider diameter. Now, when I put away anything with a cord, I double the cord over until it is short enough to fit in a tube, but with enough overlap for the ends to stick out visibly. No more tangles and Incan see which cord is which by the ends that stick out. Works for game controllers too.

They would make good rocket engines.
Strong enough for the legs of some custom shelfs too...
I would even consider them as little mortars for fireworks if legal in your country.
You might even want to cut them into thin rings for art projects or a wall cover of sorts..
If stacked up like straws in a box they make good use in a custom wind tunnel too as they ensure the air is coming out striaght instead of twisted from the fan.
Cut them in length, close on end and use a flap on the other to make a mouse trap ;)