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What should I do with this old flash drive? Answered

I have an old flash drive that all of a sudden stopped working. My computer and xbox can't find it but it still lights up when it is plugged in. With that LED in mind, what should I do with this thing?



5 years ago

You may be able to salvage the usb connector and case for another project, but the surface mount LED, even if you could salvage it, is a tiny little thing that wouldn't be much good for anything other than a small indicator light.
If you've never seen the internals of a flash drive, crack it open, take a look and then chuck it into your box of electronic recyclables.

Give it a decent burial.

You could hoard it for the rest of your life, or dispose of it now.


hmmm.... You could try re-formatting it and see if you can't get it working again.

Well, I'm not sure what you can really make with just a single LED, but the case could get repurposed for something else, like a secret compartment to hold small parts of some kind... Just find a way to open it up, take out the circuit board (save the LED) and somehow use the USB end as a way to cap the secret compartment closed (maybe with a tiny hinge?) and it'll still look like a regular flash drive. :-)


5 years ago

Flash drives are not forever. Most people don't realize it but they have a limited lifetime. Most of the memory chips wear out after a number of cycles. It varies by the chip manufacturer and the quality of the chips but the bottom line is they will all eventually fail, its just a matter of time as to when. So it sounds like yours died. There is nothing you can do that will make it work again. So from that point you can do anything with it that you want to.

And a, by the way, for your information, thing, in the future if you have files or pictures or anything on a flash drive that you want to preserve make a copy onto a DVD or at least a hard drive, although those go bad also.