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What should I do with this old fridge? Answered

I was thinking about using the coil on the back for a solar heater. Any other ideas on what parts I could strip and make something out of?


1 blow it up.2 donate.3 scrap.4 parts.5 use it for an idea or invention/creation.


7 years ago

just send it to africa

wow if it still works then use it as a fridge? if its a really old fridge then keep it cos they run for ever ive got one thats over 40 years old an still works unlike the new ones.

use it as a coffin and save a tree


7 years ago

PECO is running a recycling program right now where they will PAY YOU TO GIVE THEM YOUR OLD APPLIANCES!!!!!! My family just got 50 bucks for a fridge that was 25 years old and barely worked. Just think of what you can buy with 50 bucks!! This is the link to their website for the program. http://www.pecosmartideas.com/programsandrebates/residential/appliancerecycling.html

add some ice and you have a big cooler for partys


8 years ago

if you just going to get rid of it you should remove the doors for safety
remove all the parts for other projects

recycle the tubes and wires( no idea whats in there) but i know copper is worth money

play with it and make a frige robot :)


8 years ago

Use it to age home made cheese!You can get contollers that the fridge plugs into that will keep it at a higher temp(but below room temp)for aging.Just google home cheese making,lots of companies sell supplies.

How about a bed... you go and gut the fridge and put some comfort into it and there is a bed... lol

actually gutted, with the freeon removed, and the door removed, do you think it would make an emergency baby crib?

I know a farmer who uses one -no freeon or door as a feeding trough for his horses

you can take the lightbulb out and play with that! lol.

the vacuum pump works great it has many uses

buy a buttload of glycerine, fill a tub with it, stick the cooling parts(I'm not really sure how a fridge works : /) into the tub. then, gut your PC and reassemble it without the casing in the tub. and tadaa a well cooled PC :D

Depending on the type of compressor, they can make an awesome vacuum pump. Mine was a Matsushita rotary piston type, much better than the standard "el cheepo" piston versions, which I got from an air con unit. First thing I did was pull +-90Kpa vacuum on a marshmallow. :) Mostly I use it for gluing balsa sheet or fiberglass cloth to foam cores for model aircraft wings. Also for removing tiny bubbles from the hot gel when making candles, gives a much cleaner appearance, especially when using seashells in the candles.

A guy at work made an awesome smoker out of an old freezer. The existing racks are great for smoking hams, or turkeys, salmon, you name it, He cut a 6" hole in the side, down low, for the smoke box. He attached a smoke box from an old smoker and sealed it up. Then he cut a 3" or 4" hole in the top and added some galvanized stove pipe pipe for the vent. It works great. He smokes hams for every body at work around Christmas time.


9 years ago

Remove the stuff that is hazardous to the environment. Then recycle the copper piping. THEN make a time capsil out of the body. Iv seen it done on the net and if sealed properly, they can make freaking sweet places to store treasures for the people of tomorrow!

Make an air compressor out of it. Ive heard people mention it around, just Google it or something?

I guess there's no point in telling you to recycle it responsibly at a certified fridge disposal site? If you're feeling brave, you can modify the cooling bit on the fridge so it cools a patch of metal about an inch in size then strap it to your computer CPU (also see phase change cooling). Will cool it to -20C on a good day. The only problem is you would probably need to be HVAC certified to legally carry out any of that but its just a suggestion.

Whoa. Yeah, I'll have it drained properly ans whatever I don't use is going to the recycling center.

Since the fridge is insulated, you might want to use it for storing the water you've heated? Other than the light there's not many useful parts in a fridge (if you're taking the plumbing apart) L

The copper Tubing is Always useful for Repurposing into a Water cooler for your Computer case. it will take down the temp A lot. along with the compressor motor to circulate the water.

Old inoperable fridges are good for storing things like film and old pictures, provided the seal on the door is good. I'm a beer brewer and I've got one that I've converted into a fermentation chamber. Since the compressor was shot, I just cut a couple holes in the door (there are no coolant lines in the door, best place to cut) and hooked a vent hose up to it from a window A/C unit. The insulation keeps the temperature relatively stable. The A/C only comes on a couple times a day for maybe 15 minutes each. It's great. I can dial in a precise temperature and hold it there while I ferment the beer. This is particularly important for lagers and wheat beers. Does it still work at all?

Then if you do decide to rip it apart, you'll need to have the coolant drained by a professional, because as somebody said before it's illegal to just release the coolant into the atmosphere. If it still works, and you like beer, I'd recommend turning it into a kegerator. There is really nothing entirely useful in a fridge when it's taken apart, aside from the copper tubing and the compressor motor. You're still left with a giant hulk of plastic and foam insulation. Repurposing it would be a better use of it than tearing it apart.

Ive heard of the coil on back being used as a solar heating coil.


9 years ago

If you can get the motor out without cutting the coils, go for that. Send the rest for recycling.

Try not to cut the coils on the back and release the refrigerant, its a crime if you do. You can always set the fridge in the front yard and have puppies live in it. :) People have been known to use them as a large dehumidifyer and store stuff they need to keep dry in there. like welding rods and things like that.

I've seen plans to build a keggerator using an old fridge. Slap some beer handles on the front and you, sir, are the new party Czar.

Drill 2 holes in the front, attach a long-ish pipe to one of the holes, connect an air compressor to the other one, fill fridge with water, get at least 100 psi and then release! A water gun!