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What should I do with all this? Answered

Hey everybody, I've been MIA in Ible-land for a long time now. In the meantime, some new stuff has been brewing here. Some totally awsome ibles coming, I promise! Recently I aquired at an auction: -a pallet of computers -printers -a 24" color plotter -a photocopier -a microscope on the end of a long arm with a fiberoptic light What should I do with the pallet of PCs, the photocopier, and the microscope? Obviously the photocopier is the big deal here. Copy machines have a loda of stepper motors (most w/ very high torque), lots of electronics, LEDs, high voltage power supplies, a flourescent lamp, belts, pulleys, encoders, shafts, wheels, feeders, speakers, com. chips, MCUs, RAM (good for advanced robots), lots-o-metal/plastic, and some very awsome/complex mechanisms. Pretty mush everything is in a photocopier. So help me out! maybe I'll use your idea to better mankind and destroy the oil industry! Okay maybe not, but it's a nice thought to imagine every car running on fuel cells. Give me some ideas because too many are running through my head. Things like: -Tesla coils -Rendering farms -laser scanners -CNC machines -static lifters -lamps (yeah, not the best idea) -railguns -large, 4x4 robots -trebuchets -sorting machines -combat robots -lasers -net-enabled robots -high-speed home PCs -extra misc. Also, the toner feeder leaks, that is why the copy machine doesn't work. There is a full toner cartridge though, what do I do with that? Well, give me some Ideas and I greatly appreciate it!



8 years ago

 I have found that some of those UPS (uninteruptable power supplies) are tossed because the batteries die, and it is often cheaper to replace the entire thing than to replace the batteries. The majority of them are 12V, gell cells. I just toss the cells, and redo the box, add some heavy cables, and hook them to my trucks battery. Now I have 110vac to run small items. (so long as they do not exceed the rating for the inverter. I found one thar puts out 2200 watts, and can run a lot of things. they can kill a truck battery in a short time. Still, in an emergency, and for only a few bucks......

where was the auction?

You could give it to me :) haha lol. just kidding. but you could make a spartan laser, not kidding. I've been meaning to but I really haven't had time. basically if you that is a laser printer, or if you have a strong laser, place it in the base (stock). then put two pieces that drop down in a certain order. first put a prism at the tip then put as many lenses as possible in the barrel. when the trigger is pulled the the laser turns on and the prism drops down for 3-5 seconds, then pulls up while the lens drops down for 1-2 seconds, then pulls up and turns of the laser once up.

oddly enough, most laser printers have no lasers. in the case of this copy machine the image was ( I say was cause I already tore it to pieces) transfered directly to the static roller thingy through a complex system of mirrors. It was all optical, not electronic. I got some good parts though.