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What should I get? Answered

Hey I need help what should I get a female or male puppy I am ten and I kinda need help so if you can help me it'd be awesome,
Cause I am going by spaying and nurturing ( don't know if I spelled that right )
Thanks a lot bye!


How fun and exciting! I was 10 when I got my very first "all-mine" puppy, too. ;-)

Mine was a boy, but the sex of the puppy shouldn't be what you're deciding first. Actually, it's good that your mind isn't made up and you haven't decided!

Have you already decided what breed (or mixed breed) of puppy you're going to get? Will it grow up to be a big dog or small dog? The answers may help determine the sex you should lean toward.

Is the puppy going to be an indoor or an outdoor dog? This question might also factor in.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

I getting a morkie and I am thinking about a male because nurturing is cheeper than spaying, thanks a lot

Congrats in advance... they are CUTE little dogs!

There is one possible drawback with getting a male Morkie:

Both Maltese and Yorkie puppies can be very difficult to housebreak, so you definitely have your work cut out for you.

The problem with males (in general ;-) is they can be super-sneaky about when and where they decide to lift their leg to claim/mark their territory.  Having a tiny bladder doesn't help matters either.  

This is true for most toy breeds, so many owners keep a belly-band on their males to save the furniture from being ruined.  

If this isn't a concern,  you will do just fine with a male puppy.  If this might be a problem, you'd be happier with a female puppy in the long run.

You may want to contact your local Vet or humane society for scheduled Spay/Neuter Clinics that offer more affordable services.

Have you picked out a name for your puppy yet?

Please share pics and keep us informed when you bring your new BFF home. ;-) 

belly band.jpg

Thanks and I will! I think I am going to get a male and get him nurtured and I got lucky cause right across the steet there's a vet clinic there! And I will keep you updated! Bye thanks! Oh! And no I haven't yet :(

don't worry about not getting a name yet :)
my newest pet, a guinea pig, was just "the guinea-pig" or "my guinea pig" for about two days after i got her :D lol

trust me, pick a mixed breed
our old dog is a kelpie/something that is sweet-natured, great with kids, loving, and loyal as anything
purebreed dogs are expensive and depending on the breed, can be really dangerous

as for the girl/boy argument, with what you've said above, its entirely up to you
we have a two girls, but have had boys in the past. it doesn't really matter :)


6 years ago

If you like smart dogs that don't shed hair all over the house.

Get a well bred pup and avoid downstream medical problems.   .   A

Darby puppie.jpgDarby 2.jpgDarby1.png

Beautiful animal. I love Standard Poodles... and all poodles, really. I just don't love grooming them.

Here's my Chinese Crested daughter, Paris.


Pretty dog,

I see the resemblance :-)

Aw... thank you. She definitely inherited my light blonde hair... and bullet-proof attitude. ;-)

Lol, that's what I heard:)

I'm guessing your parents are involved since you won't be able to adopt a dog without parental consent.

There are many thing you need to consider before you worry about male or female. You first need to consider what bread you want. What aspects about that bread is a good fit for you and your family? Bread temperament is a big concern. You also need to consider your living situation. Not all breads are good with small children or small spaces. Some need more attention then others. Another important factor is what kind of known health problems can you expect from the bread. Then you need to consider if a puppy is right for you or if it would be better to give a deserving dog a new home. There are so many dogs sitting in pounds and animal shelters hoping for a good home before its there turn to be put to sleep.

I think it would be best to figure out what breads you like. Then hit the pet store and start reading up on those breads. My family and i just got a Beagle 2 weeks ago today. We spent the last 3 or 4 years looking at different breads. Finding out which would be best for us and our living situation. Finally a great opportunity came to get a 2 year old Beagle and we took it. He was one of the breads we had narrowed our search too. The family who had him didn't want him anymore and we sure didn't want him to be left at a shelter. They owned him and a female and decided to bread them. After the puppies where born they decided to keep one of the female pups and get rid of the dad.

Do your research and don't take this lightly. Getting a dog is a life time commitment. You have to be ready to take care of this animal till the day it dies. They are all cute and fun to play with as puppies but when they get older, and if they are not well trained, they can be a hand full. This is why so many animals end up in shelter. People go and get the wrong kind of dog for them and when they are too big or making too much trouble cause there families didn't treat them right they get abandoned.

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I disagree with pets, but the word you want is "nurturing".


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Yes, there'd be more to go around with fewer "critters" eating it...


As to your actual question: Both boy and girl dogs make good pets, especially if they are spayed or neutered. No matter which gender, there are health and behavior benefits to spaying and neutering. Both genders can have major territorial issues if they are not altered.

If you get a dog from a shelter, they will probably already have been altered.

How exciting! I always had to borrow a neighbor dog growing up. "Dogs For Dummies" has a great chapter on picking the right dog for your household. Great book - irritating title.

It is really important to match the energy level of the dog to your household. Be honest with yourself - do you want a laid-back dog to watch TV and read with, or are you going to play ball or walk with it for 45 minutes a day? If you get a herding dog, can you play soccer and frisbee with it every day? Once you know which breeds will suit you best, then go shopping. A mixed-breed will have a lot of the same traits that his/her purebred parents had, but probably not to the same extreme. They also tend to have fewer of the health problems caused by inbreeding.

I am a big fan of adopting from shelters. My dog was 6 months old when he landed at the shelter and he is a great dog. Most of the dogs in our Therapy Dog group also came from shelters or rescue groups. Puppies are cute, but adult dogs have their advantages, too. You already have a good idea what their personality is like, and they will bond to you just as well as a puppy will.

It's "neutering", and I hope you mean a vet will be doing it!

I don't think it matters whether you get a dog or a bitch, both make good companions, just make sure it's the right breed for you, depending on where you live and how much time you will be able to spend outside with it, and that you are completely ready to look after it (clean up poop and such-like).