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What should I make out of an old electric wheelchair? Answered

I just picked up a electric wheelchair from Freecycle. It appears to be a 24VDC setup and I haven't tested it yet. It looks like I will have to get some batteries since the original ones are dead. My first idea is a trailer tractor. Like this: http://www.powercaster.com/ --used to help pull a trailer around by hand.

Does anyone have any more ideas?


I got an old electric wheelchair from my grandmother and i think all of your ideas are real good but i kept it and laitly i have been experimenting with a few things and one of them is speed and another is attachments or things that can be handy my biggest one that i am working on now is lawn mowing. i am using an aluminum riding mower deck and a 5hp. engine to attach to the back and help with lawn mowing

 I would suggest to first check if someone needs it. Then maby make it to a motor powering for example a bike or make it to a electric kart!

Well personally, I have made a small car for our home-coming parade last fall. We welded on our frame and used the control to drive it. It wasn't very fast, but it was still pretty cool. Along with the portable sound system we installed.

Do you have any pictures of what you built? I have a couple and am working on doing something like that. I use a wheelchair but would need the hands and fingers to do it with. Thanks, Roady

Yeah, I will upload them to my reply sometime soon.

I'd highly suggest donating it to a local hospital or clinic in the hopes that it gets in the hands of a person who needs one of these. If it's broken, it can be repaired. Electric wheelchairs are expensive and not everyone who needs one can get one. Please consider passing it on to someone who needs it!!!!!!!

I was going to suggest some sort of small electric car, but your idea is better.

I strongly second GuardianFox's suggestion. A power chair costs upwards of $5k, and not everyone has insurance which will pay for it (the reason the price is so obscene in the first place). Pleas, contact your local Independent Living Center (see the "Community Pages" of your Annapolis phone book)! They will either have a program in place to refurbish durable medical equipment, or they will know about local NGOs/NPOs which do. Someone in your community will be very grateful to have more independence than they do today.

On the UK version of Robot Wars, one contestant was simply an electric wheelchair, fitted with a remote control, and inhabited by a dummy dressed as an elderly lady.

It didn't last long, but it shows that your chair could become a useful remotely-operated device of some kind, whether it is a robot warrior or an R2D2-type drinks servitor.