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What should I make with a bunch of glass coca-cola bottles? Answered

I have dozens of the classic glass Coca-Cola bottles, and I know that there must be some awesome project out there, but I have NO idea with to do with them...

Please help! :)


Stick a loop of copper wire out of the top, lay them on their sides in a kiln and cook them until they're flat using a glass slumping firing schedule. It'll take about 17 hours. The copper wire will be trapped by the hot glass and form a loop suitable for hanging. Hang the bottles from a rod or a ring with string tied through the copper loops. Presto! Coca-Cola wind chime.
I made one of these a few weeks ago, but I forgot to take any pictures, or there would be an Instructable about it.

Make a classic end table or dog house

Cut'em under the neck of the bottle - you get some cool coke glasses! (I mean under the tape where's the coca-cola text, and the sticker what says what coke includes)

 a fence

I have a friend that makes money on the side by cutting the neck of beer bottles and make candles out of them by putting wicks and pouring wax inside them. I believe that he uses a ceramic tile wet saw for the job of cutting the beer bottles.


Wet tile saws work like a charm on bottles. There's even an instructable about it, IIRC.


8 years ago

Make some soda and refill them!  That is, if you still have caps for them...

Caps and a capper can be had for cheap at your local homebrweing store. Come to think of it, make beer and fill them with that instead of soda.

 Go to a re-sell store and get one of those super cheap red "rolling stones" rock tumblers.
bust up your coke bottle, and put it inside alone with an equal amount of beach sand and water.

let the rock tumbler run for a few weeks.
and presto!

tumble glass.bmp