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What should I name my spud gun? Answered

I just finished making my first potato cannon. I'm only waiting for the cement to dry, but everything else is done. The cement should be dry in a few hours. Just for kicks, I would like to have a cool name for it, though. so,

A) What should I name it?


B) how should I apply (paint, write, etc.) the name onto the spud gun?


UPDATE: I ended up named it "Pomme de Terror". Get it? Pomme de Terre is potato in french. Terre? Terror? Classic!


What, no picture?  It's hard to think of a name without actually seeing the thing.

Although intuitively I'm thinking you should use a name that's way more lofty and noble than the thing really is, similar to the names they use for space shuttles, e.g. "Enterprise", "Discovery", "Endeavor"

Or maybe you could go with something crude and vaguely threatening like, "Reason", or "Ultima RatioRegum"

BTW, my potato gun, made out of black ABS pipe, is named "Black Beauty"  Although I never got around to actually writing/painting her name on her.  But if I ever were to do this I would use paint and fine pointed paint brush, free hand.  I mean without a stencil.  

Gunnery Sergeant Tater Bucannon

What about "Desiree".. (after the type of potato)

Or... "Chips Down"

Or... "SpuDOOM"


My family back east(Michigan) built several of those things in the early '90s. The ignitors(from gas barbecue grills) always gunked up after 2 shots using hairspray as fuel!  You could name yours the " Spud Spitter", or how about  "Tubernator VII"?  BTW, I really hated that annoying Spuds dog in the Bud ads!!! Thanks for bad memories;)

Budweiser had the dog named Macenzie.
OR you could name it Bud

 I'm not sure that I understand what you just said.

Budweiser had a mascot in the 80's, a dog named Spuds McKenzie. So... Spuds. Yeah.