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What should I use to make a necklace out of a coin? Answered

i wanted to make a necklace out of my lucky coin, but i cant seem to find anything that tells how to do it without making a hole or soldering to the coin. i was hoping someone could point me towards a method that wouldn't destroy the coin so i could keep it hole and solder free.


I wolldn't trust hot glue even for a test. Epoxy might work but I wouldn't trust it with my lucky coin.

I'd wrap it with wire and make a "frame" or "basket" around the edge with a loop for a chain.

+1. A bit like setting a stone in a ring, pendant, earring, cufflink etc.


6 years ago

Buy a coin bezel. Depending on the size coin, you can get them in stainless steel, silver and gold. A U.S. half dollar size bezel in stainless steel will run about $10 - $15. Precious metals and fancy filigrees will be a lot more.