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What should i do with all of my old hack saw blades? Answered

I have lots of small broken hacksaw blades and I want to do something with them along the line of making weapons or knife attachments or stuff like that!!! 

Hope that you all have some good ideas!!!

Ps The cut on my thumb is not from a hack saw. I got bitten!!!



put them in a circle do 3 timespu in 2 liter botel cut the top off like were it starts to get small stick in the blades add a string to the botle and make shure the blads are in very good and the fist two shold be an 1nch apart last one 2 inches away from eachother put in water and u hav a fish trapu can put bait in the botom to get then to come this is a lage trab u can make it as small as u want

They make good strikers for fire steels (ferrocerrium rods). They also make good flat springs.

Hacksaw blades are very flexible. As such, they can store energy just like a coil spring but they are just a different shape (flat). As an example, lay a blade flat on a table top. Hold one end down with your finger and raise the other end up, then let go. The blade will snap back down just like a spring. Depending on how much deflection you need and how much strength or tension is required you could use the blade or a portion of it to hold a panel in place, close a door, etc.

Cut one down and replace that worthless attachment you never use on your Leatherman with a cuts-through-whatever hacksaw blade.

There are "stab saw" handles which will let you use the broken blade as a short saw. Useful for cutting in constrained areas, or in places where you can't get the whole hacksaw frame in. (Cutting blind holes in plasterboard walls, for example.)

+1. My thoughts exactly. In a pinch, the used portion of the blade can be wrapped in tape creating a makeshift handle allowing the good part to be used as a "stab" saw. And as I always say, an old saw blade is better than no saw blade.

Hack saw blades can be used to make home made lock picking tools.
You'll need a grinder to make them the proper shape, as they are typically made of a hard material Search online for patterns for various types of "pick" or "rake" type lockpicking tools.

Be sure to mind any local laws regarding the possession of such tools, as it may be illegal in some places.

Make a thumb piano that bites back!