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What should i do with an old un-usable PC that im going to throw away? Answered

I've salvaged the HDD, 2 sticks of RAM, a PROCESSOR, a CD drive, a FLOPPY drive, and a FAN.



Motherboard folder. Decorative Lamp. The HD for me.

the processor possibly has gold in it which you can refine, or you get a bunch of processors, you can sell them on ebay. (last I checked a couple years ago they sell for about a buck a piece) I've seen the circuit boards made into jewelry, The fan can maybe be made into a USB powered cooling fan? (could be way wrong on that) Magnets out of the hard drive are always fun. and also the spacers and rings from between the HD platters can be made into a crazy clock or some of these things http://hackedgadgets.com/2006/04/25/top-5-uses-for-a-dead-hard-drive/

and thats about all my mind will pump out for a short burst. probably because it's wondering what my new speaker is gonna sound like for my stereo system. yay.

Usually the fans are 12 volts. USB supplies 5. Some fans would at a reduced, but other fans have under voltage protection and wouldn't.

I suggest a large amount of high explosives and a bomb rage.

Heatsinks are good for other projects... Power supply has ...a supply of power ;), lots of high power caps, diodes, fan, heatsinks, regulators, chokes, and tonnes of power cable. motherboard can make some good wall-art...