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What should i do with this? Answered

 I have this N.E.S. remote tin, what should i do with it? I don't want to throw it out cos its so awesome.




Best Answer 8 years ago

Give it a coat of clear lacquer to protect the finish and line it with felt. I use a similar type tin, in which I store my iPod and ear buds.

 Hmmm, I want to turn this into more of a gadget, though the finish is a good idea.

Would be a good place to store your Altoids mints in. 

 please tell me, why is everyone on this site obsessed with a brand of mints that no-one i know has heard of?

Honestly my answer was ment to be taken as sarcastic.  It doesn't usually come out that way when typed on the net.  The Altoids obsession mostly stems from, IMO, the younger members of the site that are going through a "survival/Army" phase.  Not that all of them are this way but if you look at the ones that are not survival kits you will find many that are good ideas.  To me it is very much like the obsession with building K'nex guns, neat if your into them, annoying if your not.  (K'nex flamewar soon to follow I'm sure) 
Just compair the survial type Altoids ibles to the non-survival types and I think you will see what I mean.  There are quite a few ibles that come to mind that Altoids boxes are not used but other simular typ tins were.  Kiteman has a good one on knots that he used a cigar box tin, but he could have used a Altoids tin just the same.  And if memory servers someone even said something about it in the responses to that ible.  https://www.instructables.com/id/A-pocket-full-of-knots./

I hope I have cleared this matter up for you a little.  If not, at least I tried.

It would make a great housing for a USB hub.