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What should i do with this? Answered

i found this thing in a field on the way to Walmart, so i kept it.
Now i dont know what to do with it, any suggestions?
its just sitting in my window at right now.
it blinks in the dark and stops when there is light.



Best Answer 7 years ago

It's a safety lamp, used to mark out hazards such as roadworks.

Somewhere, there is an un-marked hazard.

+1. Even if {author} didn't steal it, the hooligans that ditched it in a field technically did...

I'd be contacting the local roadworks and telling them you found it. They aren't cheap..among other reasons.

a) public safety hazard
b) theft
c) moral high ground.

... Especially since the only useful thing I can think to do with it would be to attach it to a bike or something else you don't want cars to run into, which would DEFINITELY get you pulled over by the cops for riding around with stolen equipment unless you can provide better provenance than "I found it."


@Author: It is particularly poor foresight to put it in your window.

ya i figured :)
i guess ill call and give it to the city or somthing
thx all!


Technically, you may be in possession of stolen goods; if you can figure out who it belonged to, it would be appropriate to return it to them.

There isn't a lot you can do with it that can't be done with any photocell-controlled light. And this one probably isn't even rechargable, just powered by a large enough battery that it can keep going for a few weeks.

(Back when I was a kid, battery-powered versions of these were just coming into use; some contractors were still using kerosene lamps. Really.)

If you still have it, maybe you can use it as a marker for something otherwise hard to see in your house at night? My dad got an older one a long time ago at a construction site that he was working at and got finished building the house... I think. I still have mine, but there isn't a battery in mine. It just sits next to my desk where my laptop is... It is pretty reflective when there's any light shining near it. I'm gonna upload a picture if I can...

Funny thing.. i haven't gotten rid of it yet.. yeah, it just sits next to my desk.

And mine looks all messed up, like it fell off of something and landed in a pit of large knives... or maybe it just got run over a bit...

Oh, and JTLYK, yes, the lens is on sideways. Probably from getting run over. Or something.


7 years ago

I used mine on a small cove beach as a direction return beacon for a night of scuba diving at Lake Tahoe.
P.S. I got mine from the army surplus store and had to clean the shaving crud from the old battery.

Stick it up your jumper and say you've got the prototype arc-reactor.
(Which reminds me of a cycle-ride back from the pub many, many moons ago with one of those.)

I once awoke during the wee small hours after a night of drunken revelry to a barricade board, complete with legs and sandbags, and two of these flashing beacons across the middle of my bed. I couldn't move it because of the sandbags (and my somewhat delicate condition) so I just covered my head with the pillow, and slept on beneath it. Somewhere, there is an unmarked hazard............

Oh, my God! Get rid of it, as quickly as you can! It's a locator beacon belonging to the Greys. As long as you have it, it's only a matter of time before the abduct you and insert a giant satellite dish up your rear.