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What should i do with this? Answered

I have this item(see pictures), i was thinking lightsaber or flashlight. Any other ideas?


What did you do to it?


Havent done anything to it yet.

You didn't break it then? Pepper-mill? L

Sorry, i did remove a piece. ITs an old camera flash.(picture not actual device.) I removes the 'dome' around where the light would go.


Never would have thought it that! Your original suggestion of Light-sabre sounds like a good one. L

Yeah lightsaber was the first thing i thought of when i saw it, then i thought flashlight. Just looking for other ideas as well.

found an actual picture of the thing.


I see, hope you do find a good use for it. L

darn me and my not proof reading.


you shoulda proof read it better it should be remove

why should it be 'I remove the 'dome' around where the light would go.' pretty sure it should be removed. :)

I'm just bursting.....

just what is it?