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What should i do with this old wooden speaker enclosure? I want to decorate it or change it to make it sweet! Ideas?? Answered

It's an old speaker or sub box box that houses a single 15" full range speaker right now. I'm not really looking to turn it into something else completely, more just some ideas to decorate it or that will make it more functional than just the box that it is right now! I know I'm asking the right group of people about this haha sooo, let's hear it!!!? INSTRUCT ME!


Do some silk screen printing and use that for your speaker cloth grille - perhaps something arty, or an ipad apps screen, or trompe soliel? When you've decided on the front of it, that will be your guide for the rest of the case.

Of course there are any number of silk screen printing stuff here. Perhaps a cursory look around the subjects might focus your mind further in the direction you wish to go.

If you're planning on keeping it as a speaker, try putting it on castors, then painting the corners metallic grey or wrapping the edges of the case in metal strips, to make it look more like a flight case.

that definitely would be pretty cool and an awesome idea, but lets take the concept that you have of making it look like something it's not, (because i reaalllly like it!), and can you think of anything else? I want to try and make it "appear" as though it isn't even related to audio, unlike the flight case. Any ideas come to mind?

How about a pun?

Gild it up, add small metal leaves & flowers, golden bars across the front of the speaker and make it look like a bird cage, for a tweeter.

Paint, Decoupage, Veneering, wall paper, yoiu can look them up.

Neat room by the way.