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What should i make my ipod case out of and how do i make one Answered

okay i want to make a ipod case i have a ipod nano video but i dont know how to make a case or what to make it out of . it has to be some thing that would be in a house. Can You help me


http://images.etsy.com/all_images/d/d9f/259/il_430xN.8950031.jpg One "sweet" case!

look at "best iPod case ever"

I haven't actually tried it yet but I've seen some pretty cool ideas on this site alone I've seen playing cards, tins and boxes for candy and other things of the sort. you could probably use anything you have lieing around the house really, use your imagination! :) good luck!

use a hard book cover of your fav book, or out of credit cards, or out of bubble wrap.... lots of ideas for the creative soul

I had a sansa e140 mp3 player and I used a Sucrets box as its case. it fit perfectly and all I had to do was create a hole for the headphones. I took it to school one day and my friend brought his nano video. We tested it and it fit perfectly well. So there you go, you may not have a sucrets box lying around, but I thought it might help. You just need to put the headphone slot into the right place for the nano video. Perhaps an Altoids tin would work well, too, but I'm not sure that it is wide enough. If it helps, I know that a nano/chromatic fits in an Altoids tin perfectly (vertically)