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What should i make out of my scrap wood? Answered

I have about 30 3' 2*6 pieces, some plywood and various 2*4 and smaller pieces?


if you have a table saw, you could make a small table or free-standing bookshelf...idk I'd prolly save the materials for something when I actually have an idea of what I need.

Seconded. What do you want? What do you need? What would make a good gift for someone Browse woodworking and similar home-handyman magazines (your local library may have subscriptions to one or more of them). Some magazines put smaller projects online, or publish plans downloadable for a few bucks. That's a fair pile of lumber. I'd think about it as stock to be used in projects as needed, rather than looking for one project to use it up. Then again. I have some storage space; if you don't... Sanity check: None of this is pressure-treated, right? If it is, you don't want to use (or store) it indoors for very long; the chemicals that make it toxic to mold and bugs aren't great for humans either. The real problem is that most of it is 2x6 rather than 1x6. The latter would be more useful for the projects I'd be interested in. Might be worth finding a friend with a bandsaw who can resaw some it down to thinner planks. 1x6 easily turns into basic furnishings.

That's what the table saw is for. I buy alot of 2x stock so I can mill my own smaller dimensional from clear pieces embedded in the crapwood. Pine admittedly, but clear furniture grade pine is pretty expensive, and if you take your time looking for dense pieces that are knot free along sections, you can come away with quite a deal. I have a tendency (when I am not cash strapped) to walk into a lumber yard looking for one thing and coming away with or without the piece I wanted but holding a 16 foot 2x12 or two if I discover a gem or more. (I have a stack of clear western cedar waiting on my front porch for the right project and a coupe of nice pine 2x12s left to work with along with shorter pieces of this and that...Another thing to look for is discarded "old fashioned storm windows. 100 year old stable frame wood is great material for working once it has been stripped. tip d'jeur...

btw, I have no problem ripping the board to split them, even if I lose 3/32 on the cut. the saw dust has it's uses as well..