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What should l make out of k'nex? l am running out of ideas so l need your help! Answered

I don't know wat to make out of k'nex cos l've made literlly everything!!! Pls help!!!



oooooooooooooooorrr you could make a sword(i am a swordsman)

a knex rocket launcher

Make a ball machine! They are always good.

you could make something useful like your desk tidy or file holder :P

You have not made 'literlly' everything, its 'literally', and you have not even made literally everything. Make a good gun, for one.

That doesn't mean that i didn't make them cos i did except i didn't post them cos they were rubbish

a knex scale model 3 headed chicken


7 years ago

If you set your expectations a litter lower, you will not be as dissapointed.