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What should you wear for western pleasure? Answered

I'm entering my first western pleasure horse show what should I wear


You don't need to have fancy, silver-mounted equipment or a lot of glitter on your attire. Be aware of the fact, though, that judges are only human. They expect you to show showmenlike. Your hat should be shaped properly, your attire should be fashionable and showy, preferably color-coordinated with your saddle pad. Some riders enter the arena and have novice written all over them. Their whole outfit cries out loud: I DON'T HAVE A CLUE! Their horses would have to be double-tough to convince the judge that he ought to place them. Others enter the arena and give the judge a picture right off the bat that he loves. He is tempted to put that rider directly down as his number one. . . In showing, you are selling a picture to the judge. You want to make it easy for the judge to plus you. There is no western class where this holds true more than in western pleasure.


something with fur and leather to match the animal abuse theme cowboys usually wear a bit hard shirt (not really shirt more like kinda construction workers wear) and cowboy hat. pants of similar material with belt and heavy shoes