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What silicone mix could be used to make a cake mold? Answered

Hi...I'm interested in making a bit of a 3-d cake....for which i would need a to make a mold.

I'm think of just using your basic home 'playdough' mix to create the shape....then creat a no part mold around that to bake a cake....which presumably could be used for lots of other things like soap and candles etc.

What type of silicone would be best to use? Seeing as it would have to withstand the baking process.


You'd need use a silicone able to withstand high heat and be food safe, a combination that will be difficult to recreate outside of an industrial atmosphere.
If it's for a cake, do what the pro's do and carve/decorate to create (per orksecurity).

If you're really gung-ho to make a cake with a mold consider using another bake/food safe material, like bending baking pans which are already designed for the oven and can retain shape.
Also, consider that casting a large silicone mold is costly, time intensive, messy, and you need to create the object you wish to mold already in order to cast it.

Just pointing out that an alternative is to bake a dense cake (I've used pound cake), and then carve/assemble it into the desired shape.

Search smooth-on.com and find the food safe options that are temperature resistant.