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What size engine (electric) would I need to power a go-Kart at 10-20mph? (weighing 10.5kg) Answered

I would like to know what size electric, brushed engine I would need (eg.wattage, voltage) to power a go-kart that wieghs 10.5kg w/ wheels, exculding Batterys.
The diameter of my wheels are roughly 250mm

I am thinking of somwthing like a 34v+ motor? I do...do alot of electronics but unfortunaly I dont regulary use motors in my Projects.

If you want?...as a bonus question what potentionometer would I need to use for a throttle?

The Best awnser will get a patch. (if there is one!)




The links to the right would be a good lace to start.


What do you intend to do with the finished vehicle, this has bearing on how fast you need to go, the ground you have to cover, The skills you have available.

To be successful this is a considerable engineering task.

For control I suggest a simple on off button pressing it on and off will allow you to maintain some speed between flat out and stop.

For something more sophisticated research Pulse Width Modulation speed control.

+1 for the shameless plug!  ;-)

Seriously though, I was going to point him at your Instructable before I noticed that it was already in the sidebar. Besides, I think it might be a little more horsepower than the carnival/parade/whatever it is would require.

I have roughly 2 and a half months to make it...in time for a carnival!

My budget (from those months) is about 60£

As several have alluded : it's a question of money. For DC, brushless is the only way to go. Its maybe 400% more productive (efficient) than any brushed DC. Add to that, no brushes to replace. If you really want to rock, Use an intelligent 3 phase inverter with a 3phase motor. Cha-ching! Mucho dinero! But, performance will be just what you had hpoed it would be.
Note, understand the phrase "fail safe". Design for failure. Make sure there is a Master Kill switch under one of the pedals, etc, and not just a Logic input for the controller but one that PHYSICALY interupts power to the motor at will and at impact ( not that THAT would ever happen...) SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT.
If this design is for children, I would also consider an RF link to a transmitter where the Kart stops when out of range and/or a remote kill swich on the transmitter is activated.

Use 2 36v 750watt motors,this will get you to 20-25mph

Look for something like 3-5 hp.

You won't use a pot.  It would have to be huge or burn up.  Either way it would waste most of your battery.

Get a controller to fit the motor you buy.  It will give you smooth control and make the most efficient use of the batteries.

I think there are several instructables similar to your question.

No.  Roughly 750 watts is 1 hp.  I would look for 2200 watts min.

That's an AC - 3 phase motor and will not work for your needs.

How much are you willing to spend?

Look for a motor out of a golf cart.  Geared right it would do a good job on a kart.

I am willing to spend anything below about £60 or $91 (if you live in the US)

I couldnt find any motors of that wattage? do you know where I could get one? or salavge from a machine etc..

What voltage, wattage and ampage would you say is an equivalent for a 3-5hp engine?

 I tried to do this before and i got a 4-5 horsepower electric motor and it went to like 15 -20 mph for a couple miles (but the duration depnds on batteries)

You easiest entry to this is wheelchair / electric-scooter kit. You can find these bits, and If you don't yet have motor, power & controller you'll need to be find them somewhere anyway.