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What size should the exhaust ports on a tesla turbine be? Answered

I am in making a tesla turbine and I need to know the size I should make the exhaust ports and the hole for the plates inside the turbine for the most efficient turbine and if anyone can help me thatnk you.


The larger the exhaust port, the greater the horsepower at higher rpm's. The smaller the exhaust port, the greater the torque at lower rpm's. Similar relationship for the holes in the plates (discs). Generally, the centre hole should be about 1/2 of the total radius of the disc for best efficiency at high rpm. A CD disc's centre hole is only 1/10 of the radius. For greatest efficiency, the rpm's must be at least 1/2 of the maximum revs of the turbine.(i.e. 15,000 rpm in a 30,000 rpm max turbine.) Efficiency in a Tesla Turbine increases greatly with increased rpm. Any more questions, let me know.

hi, i am doing a project and in that i need two small tesla turbines, one to act as steam turbine and other water pump,.. The available steam flow would be about 0.5 litre/second at 2 bar pressure. The pump is to be powered by steam turbine. I need information on, what would be the ideal size for these turbines, and how to make them or from where can they be purchased. Since, I found that you are having profound knowledge of tesla turbine i am requesting you to provide this information or a source of information. Thank you

Tesla's best turbine design known is his British Patent. You can find it in an search engine for Tesla Turbines. Tesla Engine builders Assc. I think has one posted on that site, Frank Germano may have one posted on his site, but I think Phoenix Navigation website has the best design, and I believe they also use his British Patent version among other designs. You'll like the overhung version.

Read up a bit on the various instructables on them, the first CD turbine one and the harddrive one made of a acrylic both discuss different bits of it, the CD turbine looks like a good way to prototype a big build...