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What software do i need to make a 2D-pattern out off a 3D-model? Answered

 what i want to do is a pattern of my "Ranger boots", say i need to measure the whole thing, make a 3D-model of it and then need the software to make planar layers out of it. aim is to get a pattern of my boots, cut a design into the pattern, print it on adhesive foil, put the foil on the boots/cover the boots and spray it. After removin the foil again, i should have the design on the boots; the foil is simply the negative of the design.
(I thought bout "solid works" (engineering software) to design my boots, but i dunno much bout softwares' availability, so i'm askin.)



8 years ago

I'm not sure about designing the pattern, but Pepakura Designer might help transform it into a flat pattern to cut out.

If the boots already exist in meatspace, you could just cover them with a layer of masking tape, then carefully peel the tape off and snip the curved bits until it lays flat. Maybe stick a layer of cling film to the boots first, to help with the removal and avoid having a sticky back to your pattern.
This works like gangbusters for armor pieces, so boots should be perfectly fine.

If you can draw them in SketchUp, you can export slices from that with a free script I think.