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What software do they use in The Italian Job to create the 3D renderings of the buildings? Answered

I was watching The Italian Job last night, and was fascinated by the 3D renderings of the buildings. So, my question is, what software do they use to do that? It seems like it just converts the video that they take into measurements and then creates the image. Is this even a real software, or did they just make it up for fun?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Computers are getting better at analyzing video and extracting 3D information. For an example, see http://www.boingboing.net/2009/11/20/3d-scanning-with-a-p.html

So in another decade or so, automatically turning a walk-through into a 3D rendering may become possible.

For now, while it can be done, it requires a heck of a lot of manual work.

Remember: Movie depictions of technology are there to advance the plot, rather than to be correct. At best, most directors just try not to be howlingly wrong.


Answer 8 years ago

Allright, thanks. Hopefully they do make something like this though.


They used CG to mimic what can be done. This is called photogrammetry. Autodesk ImageModeler is just one software to do it. Users simply calibrate the camera following steps in the software, then any photo you take can be turned into a real 3D object. Several programs are available out there but the principle is the same.


8 years ago

It is 'ridiculously' unrealistic to just quickly take measurements/copy from video to 3d...ork really wrapped that up...

I have however used digital photo pictures to measure various things.  (volume of a many-thousand tonne pyramid of gravel) using the photoshop measure tool, and a little trig to compare a known-size object in the scene to a number of pixels. (like where they figure out which armoured car has the loot.