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What sort and how big of a motor would be required to lift a 20kg speaker vertically into a roof space ? Answered

I'm trying to make a platform to drop out from the roof at the press of a button to drop my home theater speakers out from the roof .


I wouldn't use a winch.  I'd use a screw motor something like this.  Except I'd have two screws connected with bicycle chain and cogs in a frame the the speaker would rise up into.  A reversing switch would then drop it down for use.

I think cables and winch are going to be unstable.

I think you're right. That's a really nice link BTW. Some fun stuff there.


The link above is to a popular retailer in the former United States that sells tools and equipment made in what they used to call China, in the old days.  I couldn't help noticing that you're a bloke who measures mass in kg.  That might mean you live in an English speaking country outside the former U.S. 

In any case, or country, I think the item you are looking for is an "electric winch".

It depends on how fast you need them to drop. Even a small motor can be geared to give slow movement but a lot of torque.

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