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What sort of antenna should be used for the radio function of our stereo? Answered

We have a dated but still perfectly functional stereo system. I have a CD player, a cassette tape player (yes, I know no one uses those anymore. I have a lot of good ones left over) and a turntable hooked up to it. It also has a radio function. Of course, this doesn't work without an antenna. Except, if I remember correctly, it doesn't use one of those standard rod antennas. The back is a little complicated, and I'm lost as to where to even attach an antenna, let alone what sort of antenna to attach. I seem to remember the "antenna" being some sort of wire, possible split into a y shape. I've posted pictures of the front and back of the stereo.


. Left to right:
. For 75 ohm coax. Try hooking you cable up here. May or may not work depending on your cable company.
. The first two black "knobs" are for FM using 300 ohm cable. This is the flat cable that "T" antennae are made of or the 300 ohm side of a balun.
. The last two "knobs" are for AM. Just attach a long wire to the third one and connect the fourth one to a good earth ground (cold water pipes often work well).
. I have no idea what the 75 ohm connection between 2 and 4 is for. :(
. See Antenna Basics for more info.

So where would I find the cable you mentioned? What's it called?

The second 75 ohm is for hooking up 75 ohm coax with out a connector. THe 75 ohm connector works great with a regular tv antenna for picking up FM.