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What "strange" things have you eaten? Answered

The things that your culture find quite normal to eat might seem very strange and disgusting to others. What kind of food have you eaten that you think others will be revolted by? I've eaten Snake, Dog, Snails, Shark, Eel, Reindeer, Donkey, Crickets, Ants I'd like to try Guinea Pig and Whale I could consider Rat and Cat I don't think that I'd like to try Larvae and Live Octopus


Wow people have tried some very adventuresome food. I dont thing I could stomach snake or scorpions. They creep me out too much. Thumbs up to the people who have. But killerjackalope with seagull !!! Cool. Ive had: Snails in Italy (very tasty, with plenty of garlic butter) Doner Kebab made from the meat off a goats head. Canned horse in Japan (yuck) Dog in Thailand Silk worm grubs Cat food (the writing on the can was in Polish and I thought it was pate. We live and learn) Id like to try kangaroo. An Australian friend says its great barbequed. The same friend thinks its disgusting to eat chicken liver. Man! – crumbed and fried they are fantastic.

kangaroo is like a rich, strongly flavored scotch-fillet steak and its GREAT

This can didnt nor was there a picture of a horse on the Japanese can. I was in Australia about 6 months ago and I did try kangaroo hamburgers. It wasnt bad.

What is the strangest food you have tried, MiriadaThe Carrot?

Hmmm.... nothing very strange, although my sister thought that eating digestives and orange juice was weird. I have eaten the following:
- pink sugar paper (actual paper, not the sweets)
- kitchen paper and jam (to annoy my sister)
- a whole corner of th Yellow Pages
- (accidentally) my maths homework
the last one was because i was extremely bored on the way home, fiddling with the page, ripping tiny bits off it and eating them and didnt really notice what i was doing.
i might be, considering the papery nature of the above items, in the wrong species.

Do you have a preferred condiment? Mayonnaise or ketchup?

well when i was little i ate peanut butter and rose petal sandwiches........
also various fast foods blended together (yuck, vomit, spew) as a fun dare-day event-thing i went to....

Darwin ( NT Aust. ) where I live is very multicultural and also has an abundance of Aboriginal bush tucker as a result I have eaten the following. Camel, Goat, Emu, Snake, Crocodile ( delicious one of my faves but it has to be cooked properly), Deer, Mangrove Mussels ( as good as oyster and more meat ), Turtle, Goanna, Long bums ( a type of mangrove snail ), Snails, Mud crab, Green ants ( good alternative for vinegar ), Sugar ants ( ditto for sugar ), Witchetty grubs, Sharks ( a heap of different species ), Sea cucumber ( Beche-De-Mer ), Sting Ray ( not bad if cooked properly ), Eel, Tadpoles, Yabbies ( a type of freshwater cray, delicious), Billy goat plums ( not testicles, plums )
Also Cycad and Pandus nuts as well as Bush bananas, oranges and tomatoes ( a non-toxic species here related to deadly nightshade ). Kurrajong seeds ( nice like popcorn ), Cocky apples, virtually every edible species of fish in North Australian water,
Basically if it moves we eat it, if it doesn't move we push it and then eat it.

hang on hang on hang on
you mean to say we can eat those nasty little green ants who bite?!
mwhahahahhahahahahaha REVENGE


6 years ago

I ate a bug once.

It was delicious.

In other news, I have also eaten squirrel and horse. Horse is really gross. Squirrel is tasty.

I have eaten a lot of strange things like frog, snake and monkey meat. when l visited China last summer holiday. Anther strange ting is that we were asked to come around to make a choice. l didn't expect that though.

Lithium Rain don't overexcite yourself :-) She is probably still young too,  so no need to get your knickers in a bunch.

So "patience" young Jedi-LR  :-)  

you said hiney < snicker >

Well since you asked, sushi "refers" to the rice. Those that are familiar with the terms use Sushi for any of the preparations that use sticky rice (which is what sushi means). Not all sushi has raw fish in it. All sashimi is raw (which is the meaning of that word).

BTW: when I say I read a lot, I mean on subjects most people kind of shy away from.....astrophysics, genetics, quantum mechanics, etc. I just love to know things. I must admit I sometimes come across incorrectly, but it is unintentional. I also love to help others learn and discover things I have discovered. I probably should have become a teacher of adults rather then an IT guy.

Do see my comment of 5:01.

I simply stated what was true. Of course, voice tone, and facial expression being absent, you are free to "interpret" or not, any way you wish :-)

Just remember, there is a vast difference between knowing "a lot of things" and being "intelligent".   I don't claim to be more intelligent then the average person, but I DO read a lot :-)

None of us know everything, it is nice when we share knowledge however, that is what instructables is all about; sharing what we know.

Sushi refers to the bed of rice it was in; if no rice no sushi; raw exclusively is sashimi.

There's a seagull I have in my backyard with a broken wing that's pretty close to death. We can't do anything for it, so as soon as it dies I plan on cooking it to keep from wasting the meat. How do I prepare it?

Also, I've eaten goat and heard that snake is incredibly delicious. =)

Grilled Rattlesnake is tasty if the snake is big enough. Otherwise, it's like nibbling on a skinny grilled chicken neck.

Ah, nevermind. its wing was just badly dislocated and it finally flew away after we found a way to set it back into place. Sure, it was in pain. But it certainly didn't want to stay around the two dogs out there.

I've eaten Seagull. The meat is super-dark, much like Blue Grouse.

I'm glad your Seagull survived and hopefully you weren't viciously pecked during the rescue.

Wild Bird meat is always good if it's pounded to 1/4"-1/2" thickness with a tenderizing mallet. Then seasoned, breaded and skillet-fried in butter.

when i waz 5 i drank flee and tic poison

Unagi is Freshwater eel, whereas Anago is saltwater eel.

when cooked? Slighty more fishy then the common ordinary American Fish Stick :-) However, raw, it is much more flavorful. I have only ever had Unagi or Anago once though I believe. I love Ahi, Akami, Chu-toro, Inada, Tobiko (uuummmm), Nama-Tako, and many times I order the Omakase at the local restaurant because he makes such wonderful choices from the stock he has on hand that day.

Yes, I liked it, but I have an odd taste preference too. I LOVE cooked eel, it is like the mildest of mild cat-fish (not those nasty MUD catfish, but a nice clean sea catty). They're a mess if you catch one on a fishing line however....

If you've had unagi, then you've had eel.

Try eating duck eggs with half-formed embryos !
To stomach it, you've really must have a cultured taste for it.
Otherwise, you'll can't sleep for the next 2 days !!

Not TOO long ago, I had quite a selection (I needed to TREAT myself ;-) of different forms of Sushi and Sashimi, including raw squid, eel, several different fishes, and something I was unable to identify ;-) All quite delicious.

Moose, sheep, caribou.

cow scrotum is eaten commonly in bangledesh and china

I like to eat asparagus (gross, huh?;-)

 lol when i went to india i probably ate rat cat monkey and dog no joke 

Always trying new things to eat.

I use to eat blood sausage all the time when I was a kid not knowing what it was because it was something you grow up with. I don't eat it any more since 1 its illegal to make and second its made out of blood. I'll eat chicken livers and things like that.

One thing I always wanted to try is gator meat, ever since I went to Florida and never got a chance to go to that Gator Land zoo. Looking in the brochure that's one of the things featured there.


7 years ago

I ate a slice of bread from the field rations of the Wehrmacht... tasted really good especially for beeing 70+ years old

I ate limpets once - prised them off the rocks in Lulworth cove (UK), cooked them on a disposable BBQ and ate them. Pretty good flavour; texture like a rubber washer.

I ate whole baby eels in Spain last year.

I made soup out of shore crabs

My plans for this year include feral pigeons and garden snails...

Be careful to thoroughly cook any feral pigeons you plan on eating. The meat can contain many toxins absorbed through their diet.

Oh yes, eels are REALLY tasty. They are like a mild flavored Catfish.

I accidently caught a fox in a rabbit snare on a survival trip, seemed a shame to waste it. I also ate worm omlette's, various small birds, fungi and leaves.
I'm quite partial to squirel (grey squirel in the UK) as they're considered a pest. They're a little like rabbit, but with little meat. I cook ethem in a thai satay sauce, so squirel with nuts.
I'm going camping this weekend by the sea, so will collect some food from there. Limpets are easy prey, and no-one seems to eat them. I'd eat them boiled up and pickled, alternatively they're good blended into seafood chowder for extra flavour. I may post an instructable on how to collect shellfish, including the best methods for limpets.
I'll eat pretty much anything out of the sea, except the used condoms & 'jobbie fish'.

I ate starch packing granules once (well one). They're like Wotsits or Cheesy-Poofs without being fried or tasty...


Seconded. They are quite nasty when they aren't coated in orange almost-entirely-unlike-cheese powder substance.

my aunt always gives me scorpion lolipops. the lolipop tastes alright, but the scorpion is bad.