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What stuff can you make that involve the use of essential oils? Answered

Okay so a friend gave me a bottle of essential oil, Vanilla extract. I know you can make perfume/cologne with it but what else can I use it on? I don't want it to go to waste. So far, I've made a bottle of cologne and dabbed a bit in my Moleskine to make it smell nice. I still have plenty and I just feel the need to use it up. Anyone know any other good projects i could use it on? Please and thank you. :D


Just about anything that you feel is okay to smell like vanilla. Scent room. Put into cupboard to make cothes or towels smell of it. The only thing I know that does not work is putting it into laundry rinse - it evaporates away during drying. I assume from your text that this in not exactly the scent you would like on yourself - so homemade deodorant or such things are out. Maybe still some lipbalm? (Although I would like to drag anyone into homemade cosmetics - the things sold for skin-care are too often evil in my opinion.) If you have searched through instructables then take a look also to http://makeyourcosmetics.com/ .

But don't hurry too much, it does not go bad that quickly.

I did say I used it to make cologne though.

Well I made the assumption from the usage you described for it ...

Make a wheat or rice bag and put some of the vanilla scent on the filling so that when it is heated it smells good.

You can eat it too.


Then your using it for the scent - Enjoy as an air fresher see below. Put oil in jar add bamboo leave on the side (don't put on a polished surface though.

If it is cooking grade Vanilla essence you can make ice cream, Great profiteroles and loads of other tasty cooked items.

You can make soap and scent the soap with the oil. There are some Instructables for making soap with oils, fats and even bacon fat.
You could also add bamboo or birch aroma or scent diffuser sticks. To make your home smell nice.