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What stuff salvaged from computers/electronics would the instructables community be interested in? Answered

I love to salvage usable stuff from old computers and electonics. I just wondered what sort of things I could salvage from electronics and computers that the instructables community would be interested in buying.

Thanks for any sugestions.


HDD magnets.


You can now buy magnets from here.


Thanks for the sugestion.

+1 Good idea.

You don't have to make really complicated things. Look at the internal parts in a more abstract sort of way and use them in different mediums.

Magnets are fun, there's that episode of the Simpsons where the Principal imagines "a state-of-the-art detention-hall, where children are held in place by magnets."
Electromagnetism is "funny stuff", it's got "mystery-value".


I noticed a lot of instructables have been made with power supplies, they can be turn into power supplies for powering electronic projects.

So you think I could sell a salvaged power supply that I have convertyed into a bench power supply. Might be a good idea.

You can find many Ibles related to this. You can offer working power supplies or you can modify them for sale.

I am planning to offer (throught the instructables forum) an instructables building service. I will have a list of instructables that I will make and sell to people. I will include a modified power supply in that list. Right now I am just trying to figure out what instructables I can build and sell without violating anybodies copyright liscenses.

Little I expect as transportation is always the problem and takes cost beyond what is worthwhile.

Work on local connections where this isn't an issue.

You may also have a problem displaying stock and storing it all.

Recycling edge connectors to companies who recover the gold may be worth the effort if you get enough.

Copper/aluminium and steel arevery recyclable.

I am thinking of small stuff like heatsinks and bridge rectifiers small motors switches.