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What supplies do you need for protest signs? Answered

We are working on a float for Pride and we need picket signs, etc. What other materials will help us out?


Put up an Instructable on how to make a protest sign; this one worked well in NYC:

Steal "for sale" signs from outside houses. Paint them.

And a stapler, to attach cardboard/paper to sticks (and possibly to attach signs back-to-back if you want both sides easily readable). But I agree that this is pretty trivial. Find a photo of one, make something that looks like it. Or just think about the goal, which is to hold a sign flat enough and high enough to be readable. If you want something huge, consider getting a roll of newsprint (cheap but not durable) or fabric (canvas is expensive but can last for years with reasonable care).


9 years ago

cardboard,paper,markes,and sticks to hold the sign...seriously its not that complicated...