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How can i use a solar panel as a switch? Answered


I've got a quick question (i think).
How can i use a solar panel as a switch?

This is for a science project.

Basically when it's cloudy/storm it'll switch to battery mode and when it's sunny it'll turn off the battery.




Best Answer 8 years ago

You could use it to trigger a transistor, but that kind of job (on and off with light levels) is usually done with a phototransistor / photoresistor.

 For $1.59 at walmart in the garden section, they have solar light. They don't have a photosensor...they use the amperage coming from the panel to determine whether it is light or dark.

actually they do Google "solar lamp".

Sure why not ? You'll need to know what the output voltage of your cell is, and you really need to add some electrical "hysteresis" so the thing doesn't dither around at the switching point.

I suppose you could also use a relay, but Kiteman's solution is better.