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What technology is needed to "capture" a handprint on a t-shirt and evaporate to orginal blank t-shirt form? Answered

I am looking for a technology (I was thinking LED lights) to capture a placed handprint on materials such as cotton t-shirts. Once the handprint is quickly captured, I want the handprint to evaporate through a quick reset procedure or within a few seconds naturally. Is there anything out there that will capture imprints on materials?

FYI I have no technology background, so please be kind on choice of words in explaining your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you



8 years ago

Yeah, I remember those shirts from the early 90's. I can't remember the brand though... oh yeah I do: Hypercolor. Rich editor still isn't working, I see, so here is the non-link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypercolor Looking around, I also found thermoreactive fabric for sale on E-Bay.

Have a look at thermochromic ink. Print a panel of it on your shirt, then press your hand on the panel - the hand-print will show for a while, until the ink returns to its original temperature.