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What the F? Answered

My background for instructables is displaying the background as an annoying flash file for norton anti-virus.


All I gotta say is that I didn't mind the ads before, but this is just annoying. I've seen it once, I am not interested in buying it because Norton Anti-virus is the crappiest anti-virus software in the entire world (next to McCafee, but only because it's incapable of detecting, preventing, or doing anything about trojans) Honestly, buying Norton Anti-virus to protect your computer is like hiding from a fire behind rice paper.

Hear, hear! Now this I can agree with! Norton is, in fact, a good approximation to crap. And furthermore, somewhat destructive crap -- having trashed my wife's hard drive when she tried to use the oh so badly misnamed "Disk Doctor" to defragment it.

To take your analogy one step further, buying Norton to protect your computer is like hiding from a fire behind a gasoline tanker truck.

Oh! To expand on that: Buying norton to protect your computer is like ripping your eyes out with two forks.

. The freebies work very well. Avira AntiVir, Avast, and AVG are good AV apps and ZoneAlarm and Komodo make good firewalls. You can install more than one AV and firewall, but only have one of each active - best practice is to have only one of each installed. . . For defragging, the Windows defragger works well enough for all but the most demanding users (run it two or three times for best effect). . From what I've read, Linux doesn't need defragging. . . BTW, most of the reviews for the newest version of Norton say that most of the problems are fixed and it runs much faster, but I haven't tried it. . Overall, the older versions of Norton that I have used were actually very good, they just tried to do too much and slowed the computer down. My Dad uses Norton, but I've turned off several resource-hogging features he doesn't need.

Thanks, I was wondering about Avira, Avast and AVG specifically, so that's very helpful.

Yeah, I learned my lesson years ago after thinking that when it comes to virus protection more = more - the programs fought like cats and dogs. :-D


>Looks left<

>Looks right<

I have a confession to make...my name is Lithium Rain, and I...I have Norton antivirus home edition...but, but only for the next 90 days...I swear I was gonna abandon it after that...really and truly...I'm not addicted...

. The no-more-than-one-AV-app caveat only applies to those that do real-time monitoring. The apps that only do manually initiated scans aren't be a problem and it's a good idea to not depend on just one program. . It says here in fine print that you should be able to have more than one RT monitor installed and just have one enabled, but I have had several clients that have run into problems doing that. Nothing damaged, just weird behavior. . . If your router's firewall is set up properly, one on your computer is kind of redundant, but I like how ZoneAlarm allows me to tweak things (eg, my e-mail apps have to ask for permission to access the 'Net.).

(off topic) I'm having horrible connection-problems - lots of sites report "cannot find" but intermittently will'. I think it's the ISP but I don't know. Strange that Instructables.com isn't a problem (right now)

Any ideas?


Try checking for zombie processes, wireless moochers, defrag, virus and malware sweep, and perhaps a system restore?

Would a zombie process intermittently cause e.g. youtube not to be found? No wireless moochers, no defrag, virus & malware you would expect to block Microsoft.com (didn't) - system restore I might if I had an idea of what it might achieve L should have started a new topic...?

. Maybe I just don't know how to use it properly, but I've never had any luck using Win XP's System Restore. :( It's supposed to reset your computer to a saved state.
> new topic...?
. Yes.

It has saved my Butt quite a few times :-) However, if your archive files are corrupt or have a virus in them......it is time for a dump and reload....

Hm, well, sometimes there are processes that "call home" to the mothership, contacting servers and whatnot, so if they drag down too many resources that's conceivable. Or just a plain 'ol bad guy process might be doing funky things. Yeah, but I'd scan anyway - they might not block MS, not all of them do. Defrag no? Por que?

Opinion be divided upon the subject of defragging. I'm of the opinion that it makes little or no difference, and especially to DNS lookups. I have had a root around, but I'll stick with my original hypothesis of it being the ISP. (youtube is back today) L

. Fragmentation shouldn't slow down lookups enough to cause timeouts (unless the timer is set to real fast). Not even close - frag delays are measured in mS, timeouts in S. And you're not reading/writing a lot of data - a small handful of bytes for DN/IP data. You'd have other problems long before lookup problems crop up.
. But fragging can slow disc access. I defrag every 2-3 months. I've never timed it, but it does seem to make a small difference in speed.
. Have you tried ping'ing/tracert'ing your DNSs?
. I had flaky DNS problems one time and installed a 'proxie DNS' (that may not be the right term, it's been a while) that would cache hits for a user-definable time period. I set it to default to 48 hours and manually set it much lower for dynamic sites. Once I got a good lookup, I was OK for two days.

But fragging can slow disc access.

yes, and if you are using a lot of virtual memory, or large paging files....well, everything can slow down....

Well it's OK today, proxy servers made things worse. One of those bits of software that caches DNS entries might be a good idea though. L

at home, I sometimes have that problem, and find Instructables and Gmail to be the only two places that don't give me much trouble

. I'm guessing it's network congestion or a big router went down somewhere. Is there any correlation between the servers' physical locations and whether or not you can reach them?

Instructables seems to be the most easy to connect, I haven't checked the physical location of the servers. might do that though. L

. If you are still having problems, my guesses probably aren't correct. Those usually last only a few hours. . Have you tried rebooting the computer (and any routers, modems, &c;)? IIRC, you are on dial-up, so rebooting the computer should get the modem (and you don't have a router). . It could be a problem with your connection to the DNSs you use (or the DNSs themselves). Search for a free-access DNS, plug that into your network properties, and see if it helps. . If none of that helps, I'm guessing LR is on the right track.

Thanks for the edification. :)

Hm, I've had the same experience - firewalls don't mix, and sometimes even just the manual scanners will attack each other and go freakazoid over one another. :D

I am, as you know, somewhat paranoid when it comes to computer security. Why use 1 firewall when you could use 2? Why just 1 proxy when you can layer 3 or 4? Why use a password based on anything at all connected to me when I can use a nice, convenient, mixed numbers and letters and (for my purposes) random serial number? :-D So I feel like I'm running around the internet nekkid if I don't have a firewall on everything.

I used the free version of CheckPoint's ZoneAlam, for a year, and liked it so much I signed up for the FULL version. :-)

I don't mind at all, and I don't see why it's such a big deal. Yellow isn't too far off from orange, and it isn't covering any of the page's content. As long as it gives iBles money without taking it from us, I'm happy. Besides, I'm sure it's temporary.

It better be temporary. I can't look at that ugly black and yellow background. It's terrible.

"Better be"? You can make is as temporary as you like, if you have the funds to invest in I'bles to provide the same income that the Norton sponsorship is providing.

If you don't, or you don't want to spend your money that way, then wrap your head around the idea that you're getting something for free, and quit whining about your entitlements.

He was insinuating that Kelsey had "burned" me. A paragraph is not a burn. It just isn't.

I would point out that I wasn't trying to "burn" anyone. Just expose your whining for what it was. If you really want to be constructive, put your money where your mouth is. If you want life to be free, you'd better be willing to pay for it.

> If you want life to be free, you'd better be willing to pay for it. . Purloined to the quotes on my personal page.

in ominous announcer voice:
...and thus circular logic brings us to the conclusion of TANSTAAFL, stay tuned for next week's episode.

. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."
. Apologies to Kris Kristofferson and Pearl

and groupies in Instructables colors ponchos no less...

. Thanks! I had to listen to that one twice. <She was practiced at the Art of Deception ... hum hum ... You get what you neeeeeed ... mumble ... You can't always get what you wa-ant>
. Wow! Were they really that young at one time? Was I ever that young? If you can remember the Seventies, you quite obviously weren't there.
. The guy in the last frame or two (~4:32) looks a lot like Lennon.
. Thanks again - you made my day.

Either way, you know what Kelsey said was true. And out of desperation, you critique Adrian's use of 'Burned'.

Actually, no. Hence I am arguing with it. Trust me, I never agree with an enemy. And no, it isn't desperation, is call response.

Kelsey is your enemy? Why? Because you have different beliefs?

And you are a fool indeed if you never agree with an enemy. So kelsey can say "the sky is blue" and you will disagree?

Wait Adrian? Lithium is Adrian?... I was wondering where Adrian had gone to. It has been too long since I've been on.

I never said the word entitlements. Not once. I am not entitled to it, it's to be expected that as a member of a community you have input on issues. Go look up "Dead Runescape" and you'll learn of a magical company named Jagex, that was so awesome and magical, but then, after not listening to ANY user input, they made a big conspiracy (blaming stolen credit cards for the reasons that certain features had to be taken away from paying members) and kept ruining their game and site. As a result, their net users has been cut into thirds, and I am guessing their revenue is worse. However, since I know that Eric Wilhelm is an actual person and not a machine like Jagex (similar to something like HAL) I am expecting he won't be stupid and continue on this road that has driven so many good sites into the ground. Actually, maybe you have a facebook account. Go look at twitter. The two used to be very, very different. They are now one in the same, and again, the user databases have dropped. You know, maybe I ought to just give up on the internet. It seems that all websites die inevitably.

Flagged. Watch your language, both here and in the title. You've been a member for well over a year; you should know better.

If you don't like it, read the Terms Of Service and decide whether you want to continue to participate or not.

In the title? What the f can mean what the fudge, you know :-P

Yeah. Continue with your disingenuity and eventually the TOS will catch up with you. As will a recognition among your peers that you have no sense of respect for them.