What the difference between SNES roms with different filename spellings? ([!] [h1] [t1]) Answered


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I've seen these ("codes?)" all over the place, and I have no clue what they mean... Usually a ZIP file will come with 3 roms, each spelled different. Any help would be great... Thanks.

-Shadow Ops


Change the filename extension to one that the emulator recognises, it may be .rom.

This sounds like filename-corruption.


I guess I didn't make myself very clear... As an example let's use "Mario Kart". The rom download is in a RAR format. So I unextract it, and inside it has three files:

"Mario Kart [!] (US).smc"
"Mario Kart [h1] (US).smc"
"Mario Kart [t1] (US).smc"

I know the "(US)" indicates it's the North American version of the game, But what do the [!], [h1], and [t1] indicate? Other roms I've downloaded have different values for x, "[x]", and they are all normal and working... The most common one is [!]...

Nice double post! ;)

Change the file-extension to match what the emulator recognises, it may be .rom for example.
This sounds like filename -corruption.