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What the T-Rex goin on? Answered

Of all the food recipes on here, I see nothing of the sort for bread maker recipes. I just got one this christmas and have been making some rather delicious white bread and recently, carmalized onion bread, ooo god, F****** delicious.

If no one has any good recipes to offer I'm gonna experiment myself and start posting some bread maker recipes, I like food and so does everybody else.



9 years ago

The wife's been buying lots of "designer breads" lately...I'd love to try the bread-baking thing, and some "scratch" recipes.

Great topic, Punkguyta... but lousy topic name..

Title was half-baked. I don't know what he was thinking...

Yeah, he kneads a little help with the titles...

It didn't get a rise out of me either.

Here's hoping his use of such titles isn't ingrained (inbread is a little too strong a term to use...)

I'll mill around to see if anyone else wants to kneadle in.

gmoon already used knead. way to be original :P Definitely not the upper crust comment I would expect from you.

There's definitely going to be some stuffing if we want to make these comments a baker's dozen.

when you're loafin' around at work, what else is there to do besides browse I'bles.

Dough! (say it like Homer) This thread's getting a bit sour, eh?

You gotta relax and give it a rest, it's not getting stretched that thin...yet.

So then it's a matter of crust...

crust, that was used before by BG, all we've got left to work with are crumbs...

That may be over the top. I won't toast you for that.

But if both of you don't stop that, I'm gonna have to beatcha'll both with a baseball bat.

Yeah, we Goodharted ;-) all over your thread... Sorry about that.

Oooo, Flour Power !!!! reminds me of the '60's ;-)

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It's your party, and you can cry if you want to...

Think of it as a sign of spring fever, everyone starts to get happy near the solstice.

Oh well, I prefer it over say, Bart Simpson'ing all over my thread lol..

At yeast no one got hurt... L

His tastes in topic names leaves much to be desired...

Wow you guys are just a bunch of little thesaurus-rex's aren't you??

Oh jeeze, I wish I had of seen your comment earlier. What I was thinking was that I was half drunk, had munchies, and I was looking at random bread maker recipes online. I sure hope the sheer sight of the synonym "hellz" didn't hurt your feelings.

Nah, but I believe you have been punished for it.

Designer breads? Like bakery made breads they sell there? Or? I plan to do lots of experimenting with this here machine and in fact, the next time I make a loaf with it, I'm taking pictures of the entire process and posting them up here. The question is, should I make a topic on the forums just to show you guys the result of the bread and so you's can see how fluffy it gets inside, or should I actually make an instructable? That's what I'm unsure about.

Make an instructable but post pics when you make it. Send samples to Ibles HQ to get a thumbs up or thumbs down. Marble bread would be cool.

Ah and yes, I know perhaps shoddy picking of a topic title, but it got your attention didn't it? ;-)

Awesome! I need to pull out the old breadmaker (if I can find it), or buy a new one. My mom never buys whole grain, but with a breadmaker, she would have no option!

You like whole grain bread?? I personally prefer a straight white or brown bread. And bread makers are cheap now-adays, I think my mother got this one on sale this christmas for $150 or less??

I love it! All other bread tastes like paste when I chew it. Whole grain tastes... natural.

I think you had better experiment with the ratio of whole grain flour to the regular/all-purpose/bread flour. If you do 100 percent whole grain, you would surely bake a rock-hard and dense loaf.

I shuddered when I read about baking a totally whole grain loaf of bread, that would be like hard as rock straight through. We have a whole crapload of wholegrain flour to use up that my mother bought >_<, and yeah, she wants to mix it in with the regular f lour.

We had bought like a 10lb double sack of flour at BJs or Costco. Good thing we didn't try a 25lb sack. It took forever to use and worrying about storing it. We started making a lot of homemade pizza and pasta with it. Try to use the bread machine to start a lump of dough and then use it for pizza. A regular baking pan will do as those pizza stones are overrated in my opinion.

Good idea!!! My mother owes me some home made pizzas already (she made some a while ago and then turned around and sent them home with her girlfriend instead of just making them there so I could eat some :(....) It does have a setting so you can make dough and then finish it in the oven, I've been wanting to try this cinnamon bun recipe I found for it.

You can also make calzones, sausage rolls, spinach rolls, chicken rolls, meat stromboli, vegetable stromboli, garlic knots, etc, etc...there are some ibles if you have never tried them. And don't forget bagels and hand twisted giant pretzels.

We got one as a wedding gift. It took us 10 years staring at the box in storage and finally got around to using it. We tried it a couple of times but it always seemed to make "dense" bread and a small loaf for all that effort. The appliance is a counter hog. I would rather fire up the big oven to make bread.

Yeah, it takes a bit of proper handling, for sure, to get bread that is not heavier than Aunt Bee's Fruit cake :-) FRESH yeast is about the most important thing, as well as the proper temperatures and time settings. Some machines just perform poorly too.

I'll tell you the yeast was pretty fresh. Then things got hot in the mix. Someone could have been burned.