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What this button does?? Answered

The images are given below(one with closer look and one with outer look) i have marked one red button and i want to know what it does and it has two faces when i push it down it has 15 written on it and when i pull it down 230 is written there! Do any one have any idea?


That switch changes the input voltage either to 115v or 220v. You can't plug you computer if it is in the wrong position, especially if you live in a 110v region and you put it at 220v, becouse it will fry your computer. If your house's grid is at 220v, set the switch at 220v and if it is 110v use it at 110v.

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That switch changes the power supply from 120 to 240 depending on what country you live in. Don't mess with it!

I did it already. i have supplied 240 volts at 115 mode and it fried up. what do you think could be the possible damage this could have done with my computer?

See the picture Crazyg posted. That was a good possibility. But now you've blown the 115 coil which may have damaged other internal components before it died completely. If your lucky only the PSU is dead and no other damage was done. Chances are you've fried the regulator circuits on everything connected to the PSU. So the whole PC is likely dead.


4 years ago

it doubles the speed of your processor, very briefly . (no it doesn't)
personally i think " iceng's" answer is best.
to switch it there is sometimes a screw you have to loosen to unlock it, that's how much the computer manufacturer would not like you to switch it.


it switches the voltage, its so they can sell the same computer to different countries and all you gotta do is change out the plug instead of plugging it into a step down/step up transformer.
Your laptop power supply can do the same thing, except automatically.


4 years ago

It is a 115 / 220 AC line voltage select switch for the power supply.

It arranges the primary windings in series (220) or parallel (115)...